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  • Blocksize Capital GmbH

    Frontend Developer (UX capabilities preferred)

    Logo Blocksize Capital GmbH


    You   will   join   our   team   developing   tokenization   solutions   based   on blockchain technology for our capital markets clients such as companies raising   funds   and   financial   services   institutions.   Your   main   tasks encompass development of our front-end services that allow us to offer highly   individualized   solutions   based   on   an   appropriately   designed
    software architecture. Besides development of our individual parts you will integrate 3rd parties such as AML/KYC providers, payment services and digital asset custodians. Overall goal is to build a robust and resilient services infrastructure that at the same time fulfills all requirements in terms   of   compliance   to   financial   regulation, data   protection   concerns (GDPR) and   outsourcing   of   IT   by   financial   institutions. Preferably, in addition to front-end development you could also assume UX design tasks.

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